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Artista seleccionado Proyecto
Bayfront Park

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Carol continues to pursue the arts through self-education and in various

forms from painting, digital arts, photography, poetry, jewelry making and fiber arts.

Her work has been in several collective exhibits, as well as Art Santa Fe, Art Expo NY, Red Dot, Spectrum,

Aqua Art Miami, Art Paseo Wynwood, RAW, BIRD Road Art District, GALLERYone Hotel in Fort Lauderdale,

North Miami Beach Library, FIU Glenn Hubert Library, and Art Fort Lauderdale. One of her works is now part

of the permanent collection on exhibit in GALLERYone in Fort Lauderdale. Selected works are available

online at Redwood Group online gallery and on Artsy. Carol had two international exhibits in Argentina with

the Centro Edicion Women in Printing group. She was recently selected by the City of Miami to be one of the

artists to paint a large-scale dog sculpture, which will open in November as part of the Miami Dog and Cat

Walkway Sculpture Garden at Maurice Ferre Park (Museum Park). Her work will be at Art Expo Dallas in

September, in the collection at D. Victoria Fine Art Gallery, and in the Box Gallery in October.

As an emerging artist, she borders on both a modern impressionist and an abstract expressionist, often

combining the two, while keeping her subjects recognizable. She paints colorful landscapes and abstracts, in

oils, watercolors, mixed media, or acrylics. Carol prefers to paint in an organic style, using her love of color,

her emotions, and the strokes of her brush to allow her creations to emerge.

As a recent cancer survivor, she has become even more passionate about living life to the fullest, further

exploring her creativity, and leaving her mark on the art world.

Artist Statement:

Sometimes it is a feeling or an emotion that must come out. I take those emotions and try to express them

through colors and my brushstrokes. I do not always have a specific concept in mind. Some mornings I wake



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