Monica Mattedi uses the fluid properties of acrylic painting to create vibrant images characterized by strong movement and texture. Her pieces are an invitation to self discovery and meditation, allowing the viewer to slip into a contemplative state of present-moment awareness. “I combine layers upon layers of moving paint to create an unique piece of art that has its own soul. Every inch of the canvas tells countless histories, which reflect our own memories, feelings and dreams”. Born and raised in Brazil, Monica moved to the US on her last year of Psychology School when her love for art and design motivated her to change career paths and follow her true passion. She started her journey attending painting classes at the Boca Museum of Art and pursuing a degree in Interior Design. She has been painting for over 20 years and her work has been exhibited in prestigious galleries including the ArtServe and Bilotta Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, the Nathan D. Rosen Museum Gallery in Boca Raton, and is also featured in private residences worldwide.

Creating bespoke artwork for designers has brought me such a tremendous joy, I just can't describe how great it feels to bring someone's vision to life! Seeing my art in people's homes motivates me to keep painting. The greatest joy comes from knowing I am creating something unique and beautiful for somebody else's enjoyment. It's an expression of my desire to share my gift to the world and knowing my art is appreciated in so many different countries makes my heart sing.

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