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Young Art play Basketball
Listen to music
Think in colors
write love on the wall



Will Howell is a visual artist, graphic designer, and DJ born in Alexandria, Virginia in 1997. Over the years Will’s art has evolved into a multidisciplinary practice that revolves heavily on the cross-pollination of mediums such as painting, illustration, graphic design, photography, and fashion.

Will derives inspiration from many sources, including postmodern contemporary artists Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Andy Warhol. Will’s art is a direct reflection of his personal experiences living in New York City, and interests in pop culture, fashion, music, sport, and storytelling. Will believes that there is nothing more important than how we as humans harness our words, so he often narrates his creative process by writing on his paintings in their completion. This wordplay ranges from song lyric references to original thought and opens up an honest line of communication between the audience and the artist.

Will is currently pursuing a BFA in communication design from Parsons School of Design, New York City. In addition to his studies, Will also produces creative content under his personal brand and online portfolio studio S W I S H.

studio S W I S H began as a website that came into fruition after Will decided to devote the next four years of his education to studying the visual arts, instead of continuing his path playing basketball as a four year recruited varsity athlete.

Recently, Will Howell + studio S W I S H collaborated with Atlanta artists blog Soulace Creative and fashion brand Vast Merchandise Collective on curated music podcast titled ‘audio HOTEL’. Will invites you to stay updated with his work under studio S W I S H and his upcoming solo NYC exhibition via— or social media.

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